, groundskeeper and custodian of the Ruby Yacht.

Ruby Yacht is an ancient order of thieves whose destinies are to steal Language, and with it, create remarkable lies that come true. They exist in our world under names such as "Poet" or "Painter" or "Teacher" or "Maker". Surely you know one of their many members, but perhaps without realizing their affiliation. Allow this then to be an introduction - a gateway drug into recruitment. Does the many-handed Anything-Goes-Style of the Ruby Yacht frighten you? Entrance you? Either are reason enough to enter: www.rubyyacht.com

S.ALs personal testimonies/theologies: safarial.bandcamp.com

Adam and the Flood

Adam (formerly Adeem) has always been caught in the flood. The onslaught of ideas, the rush of sounds, the chaos of creating. From project to project, rapper/singer Adam Arnone has always sought new ways make music. For much of his career, the New Hampshire native went by Adeem, pronounced A-D-M. He has 11 full length albums and 15 years of touring to his credit. Both as a solo artist and as the frontman for the pioneering indie hiphop group Glue, Adam has been pushing his way toward this new project. Now, he’s traded in samplers, records, and turntables for instruments. His sound is pure passion. Humble and aggressive, the music is strong and purposeful. Singing and rapping take turns pushing the point across—calm to beautiful to heavy to raw. His voice reaches through the static of the room as he screams his prayers to the ghost of Muddy Waters. Channeling the blues one moment, twisting words into new shapes at crazy speeds the next. The Flood—a four-piece band that includes guitars, drums, and bass, instruments that existed before the electric days—lends depth and texture to Adam’s expression. His music takes questions of loss, love, and life and turns them into a cathartic experience for all who listen, connecting in a personal way that turns strangers into fans. To hear Adam live brings the music to a new level. Live, the recorded material becomes a new animal, something unique that connects and energizes. Through this new musical expression, Adam is guiding himself and those around him toward passion, action, connection, peace, and justice. Adam is embracing the Flood and is moving toward life.


Armand Hammer


ARMAND HAMMER (pronounced Arm & Hammer) is a New York based hip-hop duo consisting of MC/producer ELUCID and enigmatic rapper billy woods. The duo’s debut, Race Music, was released in 2013, garnering immediate praise.That album was quickly followed with an EP; Furtive Movements in 2014. Despite burgeoning solo careers both artists continued to collaborate over the following years; making appearances on each other’s work and performing together, but fans would have to wait four years for a new full length. Armand Hammer released ROME in November of 2017 to effusive praise, and then doubled down with Paraffin in 2018. Like opposite sides of a coin, the two albums are connected, yet radically different in their design. Rome and Paraffin have been greeted with a wave of critical acclaim, cementing ELUCID and woods' place as two of the most vital voices in the genre today.


Awol One


Los Angeles California born, Rapper and Illustrator, Tony "Awol One" Martin is rumored to be over one thousand years old and every single one of those years can be heard within the cracks of his voice and lyrics.  One may call him a crude poet, a drunken rambler or a melodic voice for slackers but nobody can deny that he's maintained an uncompromising level of intelligence, honesty, melody, dark humor and originality.

Touring the planet as a solo act and a member of The Shape Shifters and The Cloaks, Awol has collaborated with Xzibit , B Real of Cypress Hill , Aesop Rock, KRS-One, Buck 65, Factor and Eyedea, as well as members of Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Sublime and 3OH!3 to name a few. He has opened shows for the likes of Eminem, Common, Atmosphere and EL-P , and also has music featured in a Nike commercial and movies.

In the early 2000's when journalists didn't quite know what to make of his strange alternative indie hip hop, Spin magazine tried to pin him down as one of the premiere voices of emo-rap, while Vice Magazine, URB and LA Weekly were singing the praises of his anthems.

The Shape Shifters were also winners of the L.A Weekly Award for best hip hop.

His 2001 collaboration with Daddy Kev, "Souldoubt", quickly became seen as a L.A. underground hip hop world wide classic and since,  Awolrus hasn't slowed down a bit, touring both national and international, also playing Sound Set, Rock The Bells, Warped Tour, Paid Dues, Smoke Out, Low End Theory, X Games and Rhymefest.

When Tony the Wolrus aka Awol 1, is not touring he is an artist at Brainheart Co. graphic design and illustration and is also the author of a kid's book and hip hop soundtrack titled The Mombie.


Somewhere between the tropical beaches, pockets of culture-starved boredom, retirement communities, and bath salt cannibals, lies a small community of DIY artists playing the hands they were dealt and trying to build something in the void. Bleubird is one of these people.
Born to an immigrant father and hippie mother in South Florida in 1982, Bleubird (Jacques Bruna) developed an early affinity for 2 Live Crew and Public Enemy and eventually gravitated towards skating, fighting, and punk rock. Bleubird has released several full-lengths and EPs both as a solo artist and with groups such asTriune Gods and Les Swashbuckling Napoleons, hosted open mics and warehouse parties in Florida bringing together creative folks from multiple disciplines, and traveled the country in a decked-out van for two years turning every day into an impromptu concert-cypher-party with his FREEEBIRD project. After stints living in Canada and Europe, Bleubird returned to the states to release his Fake Four debut Cannonball!!! and shortly thereafter began channeling his Floridian roots into a bass-heavy crew known as Death Jam Posse, writing his verses under the alias ofYoung Lauderdale and rapping hard as hell over beats from a local producer by the name of Mister Belvedere.
2015 saw the release of his stoned side project FTLiENS alongside producer Numonics, properly paving the way for the ever-evolving Bleubird’s new full-length Lauderdale. Recorded at Audio Architeks studio after the city kicked Bleubird and Belvedere out of the Broward County warehouse where they had been living and mapping out the record, Lauderdale splits the difference between the escapist party rap ofYoung Lauderdale and the introspective, nuanced narratives that Bleubird has been churning out since the turn of the century. Produced entirely by Mister Belvedere, the album features guest shots from fellow Florida natives Astronautalis (“FL AS FUH”) and Pompano Slim (“LAUDERDALE SQUAD”) as well as NYC rap duo Swag Toof (“$ALT LIFE $HAWTY”).
Over 12 relentlessly upbeat Belvedere bangers, Bleubird goes back and forth between laidback, simplifed patterns and a ferocious, rapid-fire delivery to suplex his critics and muse on his place in hip hop, love for his hometown and uhhh… NPR. His passion, humor, and technical rap skills have coalesced into the most accessible album of his 15-year career. Bleubird has traveled the globe many times over, rocked shows and collaborated with indie rap’s finest (Grand Buffet, Sole, Ceschi), washed dishes and worked odd jobs to live illegally in places like Montreal and Berlin, but was always bound for Fort Lauderdale to build new dreams in the place of any that may have died along the way.



What follows below is a detailed life-long history of Chris Palko, aka Cage. While there is a whole lot of information here, none of it is filler; everything detailed below was instrumental in making Cage who he is at this point, and the story below is one of the most insane, crazy, tortured and triumphant stories you could imagine. Cage’s life has gone from watching his father shoot heroin, to addiction and violence and mental institutions to cutting an album for Columbia Records and being a rising star in the heyday of the NYC independent rap scene, to the final culmination and personal triumph that this album has become. It’s a brand new record from someone who has been through more extreme circumstances than most people could ever imagine, and has come out triumphant and a better person because of it, and whose artistic vision now reflects this. 

Born in Wurzberg, Germany to American parents. His father, Bill Murray, was an MP in the US army stationed on West German military base where Cage and his parents lived until Bill was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin. When he was 4, Cage and his family were sent back to the US where they took up residence in Middletown, NY.

When they got to Middletown, his father continued to abuse heroin, often making Cage assist by pulling homemade tourniquets around his arm. His father left them suddenly with another woman. The last time Cage saw his father, he had a standoff with the Middletown state troopers after threatening his family with a shot gun. He was arrested and Cage has not seen him since. He was 8 years old at the time. 

By the time his mother was on her third marriage, Cage was getting kicked out of Middletown Highschool during his freshman year. His stepfather would beat him up, punch him in the head, even leaving a scar over his eye. Around this time, Cage started using drugs (LSD, mescaline, weed, alcohol)

His mother sent him to live with his uncle (a Vietnam vet who never retired from the army) on a German military base for a year. That uncle hated him, beat him up and sent him home to America after a year. 

Chris started getting into all sorts of trouble, including getting arrested (for drug possession, fighting in the streets, etc). He was 16 years old at this point. He was put on probation for charges, but after several violations found himself facing real jail time. His mother convinced the judge that Chris was mentally unstable and instead of prison he was sent to the Stony Lodge Psychiatric hospital for a 2 week evaluation which turned into an 18 month stay.  

During his stay at "The Lodge", Chris was part of a small group of medical guinea pigs who were chosen to be the test subjects for a new and untested drug called Prozac, which hadn’t hit the market yet. Misdiagnosed and placed on Prozac, Cage became suicidal and made several attempts to try and kill himself (first by hanging himself by his own shoe laces, then by saving up his mandatory lithium doses for a month and ingesting all at once). He was subsequently put on suicide watch.  

He was restrained over twenty times for periods of up to 13 hours at a time (illegally), sometimes by straightjacket, sometimes by 10 point bed restraints. Cage would later refer to this period in his life as his "rap college". He would spend his time doing the only thing he could, which was go deep into his mind and hone his imagination into the visceral and dramatic writing style he has to this day. 

After being subjected to Lithium, Prozac, and a host of other drugs (and then even more drugs to counter the side effects produced by all the initial medication), Chris went from being a troubled teenager into a legitimately bi-polar young man.  

He was eventually released on outpatient program and christened himself Alex, after the protagonist from A Clockwork Orange. 

18 years old, fresh out of the lodge, Cage decided to pursue his the talent he honed while in hell and try to become a professional rapper. He made a demo, got a manager and was introduced to Pete Nice of 3rd Bass fame. Pete featured Cage on his solo effort "Dust to Dust" on the song "Rich Bring ‘Em Back" in 1993. This was his first appearance on a rap record. 

Through Pete Nice Cage met fledgling radio personality Bobbito Garcia who had just started his soon to be legendary late night mix show with DJ Stretch Armstrong. He was invited up to the show several time, earning a rep in the emerging underground NY scene as a savage and raw new MC with an original style based on his tortured life and demented imagery. 

Through his connection with that show, he met and formed a strong friendship with the KMD (whose front man Zev Love X would eventually be known as MF DOOM) and formed a very strong friendship with the late great Subroc. Cage was the last person to see Subroc alive before he was killed. He also became associated with and close to: Kurious Jorge, K-Solo, Godfather Don, Artifacts, Pharoah Monch, El-P (who actually worked with cage briefly in 1994 on a 3 song demo now lost to the world), the Juggaknots and many more. 

Bobbito and Pete Nice started a label through Columbia Records called Hoppoh and was on the verge of singing cage as one of their first releases. At this time cage was heavily abusing drugs and every time he got into the studio he was too high to record anything that Columbia thought was worthy of a major label release.  

Frustrated and dejected, Cage put his rap dreams on hold and moved back to Middletown where he got deeper and deeper in drug abuse and found out he was having a child. 

In 1997, Cage’s friend and mentor Bobbito Garcia started his own independent label Fondle 'Em Records, and offered cage a twelve inch deal. Refocused and determined to get it right this time, Cage penned the single Agent Orange b/w Radiohead. The single would go on to be one of the landmark records of the golden era of NYC underground/independent rap music and propelled Cage into cult star status. 

After a few more singles with Fondle ‘Em, Cage met and became friends with Philly to New York transplant rap group The High And the Mighty. He formed a group with them called the Smut Peddlers, and Rawkus (who were riding high on albums by Company Flow and Mos Def, to name a few) offered them a full length album deal through Eastern Conference’s imprint, Eastern Conference. The record sold over 50 thousand copies and solidified Cage’s status as a rising rap star in the independent scene. 

Cage went on to do more records with Eastern Conference including his first solo record Movies for the Blind. The record was the realization of the very character he became through his tortured early years, relying on raw, savage, often cruel, misogynistic, gritty and rebellious attitudes he had formed through his earlier years. The record struck a chord, selling 15 thousand copies in just 2 weeks, and his legion of dedicated fans grew ever bigger, attracted to his visceral and dangerous persona and music. He traveled the world several times over in support of the record and became a major draw in the independent show circuit. 

Soon after he started the supergroup Weathermen, comprised of good friends Camu Tao, El-P, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz, Tame 1, and Breeze of the Juggaknots. 

Restless with his artistic direction and feeling trapped by a persona created out of his troubled youth, he found himself at a crossroads. He felt as though he was squandering his writing abilities and catering to music with content that only scratched the surface of what he was about. He no longer wanted to project crazy for the sake of crazy and grew tired of showing the results of his past and how they reflected on his personality. Instead, he wanted to explain why he was the way he was and wanted to make a record that he could play for his daughter someday; a record that reflected the man he was now while at the same time finally shedding light on the source of his rage, pain and rebellion. It was at this point that he and El-p started to seriously talk about making an album that would truly realize his desire to take his art to another level. They cautiously talked and imagined this transformation for over a year, culminating with his signing with Definitive Jux records. El-p and Cage worked together to bring these ideas to fruition, and the result is a cathartic and radical statement of a tortured boy turned man. A detailed, imaginative and often disturbing look into the dark territory that Cage had so closely guarded from the fans that loved him.

Carnage the Executioner


Terrell Woods A.K.A. Carnage “The Executioner” is a Hip-Hop artist widely recognized for his mindnumbing lyrical dexterity and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through human beat boxing. His unwavering work ethic, warm personality and kind heart have earned him the respect of many of Independent and commercial music’s most reputable artists. Carnage’s mouth has been called “The best drummer in town”, in reference to his beat boxing skills. When it is time to perform live shows, Carnage sometimes exercises the choice of carrying on Oldschool Hip-Hop tradition by performing with a DJ on two turntables. By himself, Carnage brings the heavy artillery: he comes armed with two microphones, a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, a Digitech Vocal Effects Processor, a small case of percussion instruments, boundless energy and a commanding stage presence. He then does exactly what his name implies and not only “Kills it” (a familiar term in Hip-Hop for putting on a great performance), but he “Executes it”! Moreover, he takes no prisoners! Beat boxing, as people know it, is transformed into an amazing, interactive experience as Carnage constructs complex multilayered sounds capes from the ground up with breath-taking accuracy. However, he does not stop there – he proceeds to rap, harmonize and vocal-scratch over his backdrops with intensity and showmanship that is difficult to put into words…So it must be witnessed first-hand! Carnage’s original material speaks for itself. Nevertheless, his ability to cover songs, as only bands with multiple vocalists are able to do makes Carnage a one-man-band and total entertainment package! Upon request, Carnage also performs with a live band. He teaches both private and group beat boxing lessons to youth in community and school settings, extensively covering the fundamentals of beat boxing while adding in components of basic rhyme/rap-writing structure. Carnage is a catalyst in the development of creative and positive modes of self-expression that strengthen strong leadership skills. Carnage recalls his first experience with the Hip-Hop culture occurring around 1982 with Run DMC and The Sugar Hill Gang. Run DMC moved him most. He started human beat boxing after hearing The Fat Boys around age 9 and taught himself how break dance after witnessing the moves of his older male neighbors. Carnage decided he wanted to be a DJ after watching the movie “Breaking 2″ and hearing Herbie Hancock’s “Rock It”. Due to his living in group homes and shelters for many years after age 12, he had no turntable experience, so he began writing lyrics after studying the works of rappers he idolized, mainly L.L. Cool J, Public Enemy, Kool G. Rap, Eric. B. & Rakim, KRS-ONE and Superlover Cee. Carnage wrote his first rhyme in 1987 under the name “T-Swift”, which began his quest to become an emcee. Following his first time recording in a studio in 1991 with counterpart DJ X-Caliber and performing a few local shows, he made his first appearance on a release in 1996. This was Minnesota’s first full-length compilation called “The Collective”. Carnage, along with his former group, The S.W.E.E.P.S. released, “Bootleg Tracks From Junkion” EP in 2001 and “Foreign Genetics” fulllength in 2003. The greater Hip-Hop world heard Carnage on Eyedea’s “The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart Or How I One The Write To Think” album (Rhymesayers Entertainment) on the track, “Coaches” in 2002. Carnage independently funded and versaw the release of his first solo, unofficial album called, “The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP” on his own label, Hecatomb Industries, which he started in 2004. This also marked the birth of Carnage’s Hecatomb crew comprised of up-and-coming local Hip Hop & Rock artists. Eyedea & DJ Abilities invited Carnage to join them on their opus, “E&A” where Carnage appeared the track, “Star Destroyer” in 2004. Carnage (accompanied by Booka B) released his first full-length solo debut titled, “Sense Of Sound” independently on Hecatomb Industries on July 17 2007. Carnage, with the help of another independent Hip-Hop label called Fill In The Breaks, released Worth The Wait” on January 11, 2011. Receiving vast amounts of local praise for its darker, raw sound, the album was listed as one of ‘The Best Albums Of 2011’ in the Star Tribune. This article said that Carnage is “…busy proving why he should be called the most skillful M.C. in MN”. Without missing a beat, Carnage released “Respect The Name” on September 11, 2012. This release lives up to what Carnage is known for, as well as highlighting some of his most personal work to date. Carnage speaks of his life struggles ranging from living in poverty and having very little positive parental influence to his insecurities with making music he think people will not support. His artistic growth is notable and only shows his progression into a potent storyteller. Carnage’s work on Respect The Name earned him the revered cover of the well-respected City Pages and a ranking as one of the top 10 M.C.’s in Minnesota. Ill Chemistry released their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album in January 2012 on French Jazz music label, Nato/Hopestreet Records. The album features both Carnage and Desdamona sharing vocalist duties and Carnage constructing almost all music for the songs by beat boxing. With Ill Chemistry as well as solo, Carnage has been playing festivals and touring Europe on a steady basis since December 2011. Persistence in staying relevant and reinventing his formula lead to Carnage being invited to join Atmosphere for their fall 2012 tour. For two weeks straight, Carnage won the hearts of nearly 20,000 fans with raw talent, emotion and honesty. His adeptness in figuring out how to give crowds what they want and holding their attention lead to Carnage becoming a crowdfavorite. Carnage’s connection with Atmosphere’s fan base lead to his being invited to join them for their 3rd annual Welcome To Minnesota tour in March 2013. While working full-time as a social worker and youth counselor in 2004, Carnage still found the time to tour with Eyedea & Abilities – twice! He guest-appeared on the Leave Of Absence Tour in October & November of 2004 and in April of 2004 on the Plague On Wheels Tour. In July and August of 2005, Carnage toured the Midwest with Eyedea and emcees Mazta I & Kristoff Krane, along with J.T. Bates playing drums and Casey O’Brien playing bass for the Eyedea & Friends Tour. He and the crew performed improvised Jazz/Hip Hop sets for an unbelievable 2 hours a night! This tour resulted in Carnage being featured on Eyedea’s all-improvised 2006 release, Face Candy, “This Is Where We Were” (Rhymesayers). This album features Carnage freestyling and human beat boxing, displaying him at equal levels of skill performing both duties. Carnage is also the only feature on the last Face Candy project to be release in early 2011 called “Waist Age Teen Land”. Carnage has shared stages with such heavyweights as KRS-ONE, The RZA, Method Man, Yelawolf, Mobb Deep, Guru of Gangstarr, Too $hort, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali and more. 




Ceschi Ramos is a rapper and singer from New Haven, Connecticut who has been hopping genres and spilling guts for the better part of two decades.He has been seen outside venues at 3am in Germany playing an acoustic guitar and singing to people that didn’t want the show to end. He has written poems to fans from behind bars whilst locked up on bogus marijuana charges. He has suffered a spiral fracture of the humerus while arm wrestling a marine in Hawaii. He has recorded with and toured alongside some of independent rap music’s most influential figures, including Sage Francis, Busdriver and Astronautalis. He has been in bands described as hardcore, crunk rap, lo-fi synth pop, Latin progressive and psych-jazz-rap. He has crafted abstracted and personal narratives mining the depths of depression and heights of hope. He has slept on countless floors when hotels weren’t in the touring budget and lost girlfriends and jobs all for the love of creating and performing. 

Ceschi was born with four fingers on his right hand, which served as partial inspiration for the name of his DIY record label, Fake Four, Inc. Those who have worked with him describe Ceschi as one of the most artist-friendly labelheads out there, a rare breed who values art over profit almost to a fault. Since 2008, he has curated a roster of wildly original and critically praised talent and put out albums from the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Buck 65, Sister Crayon and Dark Time Sunshine in addition to his solo records The One Man Band Broke Up and Broken Bone Ballads.

An engaging, theatrical live performer, CeschiRamos has treated entire venues like a stage, viewing the middle of the audience or an empty barstool as good a place as any to perform a soul-baring folk song or tongue-twisting rap track. Ceschi once described himself in song as “a martyr at most… a failure at least” and said that, “In the eyes of history I’ll be no more than a leaf on a tree.” He knows what it is to suffer for his art and is aware that music exploring the ugliness and sorrow of the human condition will always exist on the fringes of a game dominated by disposable escapism and expensive publicists. Yet he still pours everything he has into his craft, and on any given night you can find him tracking vocals at his cousin’s New Haven studio, warmly greeting fans and friends at a dive bar merch booth or rapping double-time in Japan or Europe for audiences that often don’t speak his language, but are able to see the giant heart at the core of it all.

Cold Blooded

cold-blood·ed - adjective

1.(of a kind of animal) having a body temperature varying with that of the environment; poikilothermic.

2.without emotion or pity; deliberately cruel or callous.
“a cold-blooded murder”

2013 being the mess of a year it was among the Inland Northwest, thrash and metal bands emerged, lasted about a month, and disappeared. As with all cycles of regional scenes, it’s nature of the beast. It’s rare when there is one promising group that actually sticks around. We always seem to learn that it is due to the members being glutton for punishment, but it always serves them well by becoming rich in life lessons. Some of these bands channel the shittiest of shitty situations, learn from it, and purge it to paper. It ends up melting together with the message in the lyrics that encompass more; their personal lives, their jobs, religion, politics, literally everything that stares everyone in the face every single day. And you can relate to it. Why? Because it stares us ALL in the face.

That said, we all need an outlet. That outlet needs a sonic background that matches it in its purest form.

Enter Cold Blooded.

Surged from the “last man standing” members of various Seattle and Spokane, WA area bands, Cold Blooded are that one active mainstay. With a work ethic and pummeling sound that will translate into what could be comparison among the hardest working touring metal acts in the nation, Cold Blooded is relentless, forward thinking, and loud as all hell, and we couldn’t be happier to have them aboard the Blackhouse machine.

With a handful of self-released titles out in the fuzzy world of the internet, 2016 and 2017 bring some great things for Cold Blooded, including a new full length via Blackhouse, as well as a very intense live schedule and an upcoming Blackhouse debut of some seriously amazing live material. Stick around for more updates and pre-order packages to come.



Coodie Breeze

A music scene varied and rich with some of the best, above all, the city’s hip-hop world speaks the loudest.  Acclaimed and noted as the birthplace of trap music, credibility has been set in stone by many, including the New York Times, who have deemed the city “Hip-hop’s modern center of gravity”.  It would only make sense that at some point, a group of people would collectively band together to show the world more than what might be considered “scratching the surface” of what the area really has to offer.  This community of artists, embodying the DIY ethos, started networking with other members of the independent world.  Bridging the East Coast with the West Coast to co-op, the hard work has produced something more real than anything the mainstream media could ever even think to emulate.

Two of those standing in the forefront of all this, and absolutely killing it, are Coodie Breeze and Tyler Pyramid.

Known for their work with Atlanta powerhouse hip-hop label Awful Records, Coodie Breeze (formerly known as Pyramid Quince), and Tyler Pyramid (Tyler Major) are a fast-moving pair of artists.  With a steady home in the fast-paced world of the Awful Records brand, Coodie has teamed up with mad scientist Atlanta producer Tyler Pyramid to put together Coodie Breeze’ most hard-hitting release yet, “The Moon Lookin Fye Again”.

Originally surfacing as an exclusive Soundcloud drop, we have teamed up to release an extended and limited edition CD version of this masterpiece of an album.  Complete with 3 bonus tracks and some additional surprises we will announce along with the official release, we are beyond speechless to be a part of this release, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this unbelievable record see a physical release.

Keep an eye out for more news coming soon, including release dates and pre-order info.






Minneapolis rapper/producer Ecid has been operating on the fringes of rap music for close to a decade, with no co-sign, no angel investor, just an undeniable passion for contributing to the ever changing hip-hop landscape. It feels like just yesterday he was wearing 2xl t-shirts, recording his first songs using a dual tape deck and a stack of gangster rap instrumentals. Now he single handedly orchestrates every detail of his songs from start to finish at an effortless pace, all while wearing his eccentricities like a Super Bowl ring. 2012’s dark- yet triumphantly hopeful Werewolf Hologram showcased Ecid’s ability for abstract narratives and social commentary. A year later the two part EP series Post Euphoria found Ecid at his most rebellious and playful, allowing art to imitate life with a an open invitation into his world, a project that laid the creative groundwork for Pheromone Heavy.
While studying to become a yoga instructor Ecid had a creative breakthrough and for the first time as an artist he figured
out how to say exactly what he wanted to without forcing the listener to crack the code. The beats are ambitious, soaked in a monstrous, bombastic glory with moments of blissful minimalism that prepare you for the next smile-inducing surprise. This sound was achieved with expertly plucked samples, analog synths, household percussion, and a team of adventurous musicians that understood the sonic vision. On “Watch It Burn” Ecid empathizes with the father that abandoned him, dreaming up a justifiable scenario for his absence while critiquing societies romanticization of money and consumption, a theme that carries throughout the record.


Jonwayne came onto the Los Angeles music scene by way of the east Los Angeles club Low End Theory circa 2008-09, then emerging as the epicenter of a new generation of hip-hop beat makers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Kutmah, Daedelus. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne jumped in with homemade rap mixtapes and immersed himself in the scene. "It felt like a golden age," he says, "it was very inspiring."

He first became known as a producer, releasing the instrumental albumBowser (2011) – but it was his over-sized skill on the mic that caught the attention of Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf, who signed him to record an album as an MC. 

As Jon set to work on his debut rap project, he let his presence be known with a series of tapes: CassetteCassette 2 and Cassette 3. Each was unplanned, the releases prompted by Jon’s prolific output. And by this time even lawyers for the tobacco conglomerate Phillip Morris took notice of Jonwayne, serving him with a cease & desist notice for a cassette that looked like a pack of Marlboros.

Jon Wayne is the MC/producer's birth name. The Hollywood cowboy, John Wayne (real name Marion Morrison) took his famous screen name from Jonwayne's great-great-great-great-great uncle, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, a player in the American Revolutionary War. True story. Now Jonwayne's taking back the name - what goes around comes around.

Kenny Segal


Los Angeles-based producer Kenny Segal crafts dynamic, genre-defying beats for renowned independent rappers like Open Mike Eagle (“No Selling”), Milo (so the flies don’t come), and Busdriver (“Worlds to Run”). Armed with an SP-404 and an arsenal of vintage gear and quirky instruments, Segal’s toured the world and garnered praise from publications like Bandcamp Daily, which wrote that each of Segal’s suites “expands the musicality of rap production.” In 2018, he’s already released the jazzy Casual Horns, Dog with Mr. Carmack and Mike Parvizi and Kenstrumentals Vol. 3 (Dome of Doom), a beat tape of innovative productions that wed organic instrumentation with deftly chopped samples and knocking, unquantized percussion. Segal’s forthcoming full-length this fall, happy little trees (Ruby Yacht), will continue his boundless sonic explorations.


Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane is best known for his work as an emcee/frontman alongside Eyedea in Rhymesayer's free-rap-jazz collective, Face Candy (est. 2005). After establishing his roots as a freestyler, Krane branched off to release several solo albums supported via US tours with acts such as Eyedea & Abilities, Buck 65, Sage Francis and a European tour with rapper, Sadistik.  Krane has made several appearances at RSE's 'Soundset' (2009, 2010, 2011) and in December 2015, rocked a sold-out crowd at the legendary venue First Avenue during Doomtree's Last Blowout EVER. After ten-years-plus on the independent grind, he has successfully garnered a loyal international cult following that continues to grow. His catalog includes collaborations with luminaries such as Slug of Atmosphere, P.O.S, Illogic & Blockhead, Jean Grae, JT Bates (TGNP) and Michael Lewis (Bon Iver, Happy Apple), to name a few. 

Nacho Picasso

Labeled “the Dark Sith Lord” of Seattle, Nacho Picasso is an American Rapper born Jesse Robinson in San Francisco CA ultimately raised in Seattle WA from age 3. He has notably released several sole and collaborative albums most recognized with BlueSkyBlackDeath. His career starred in

2011 with the underground success and the critical praise of his first EP “For the Glory.” He is known for his clever yet sometimes vulgar punchlines taboo subject matter and pop culture references. He helped shape and pave the way for the most recent wave of Seattle hip-hop scene which is now reminiscent of the early 90s grunge scene where Nacho stands in the forefront with his rebellious take no prisoners attitude and image.

Narrow Minded

There’s an undeniable phenomenon in the Northwestern United States. It has become among the most rapidly-growing breeding grounds for some of the most harsh and relentlessly hardworking bands to emerge. They grind it out, operating as a self-contained collective that thrives off their creative efforts and their own control over it. It’s almost like a renaissance, if one can picture it. Where hardcore, punk rock and grind bands share show bills with everything from rap and hip-hop acts to jazz and blues musicians, to spoken word artists. Anything goes here, and if you can’t get your head around it, then there’s a good chance you might fall behind. Some of these bands come from the most hidden territories of the Northwest. The most unlikely places in which you would find the most unique and outspoken bands to originate.

Enter Walla Walla, Washington’s NARROW MINDED.

A collective built in January of 2015 in what most would consider a lost town in Washington State, with members growing up on bands like the Cro-Mags, Napalm Death, and Superjoint Ritual, they are an anomaly of sorts. This kind of focus takes work. WAY more work to work their way into relevancy than that of what their fighting chance would be in a metropolitan area. A completely DIY operation, with the band and close friends exclusively as the puppet masters for a handful of music videos, tours and previous recordings, NARROW MINDED thinks only forward, and there’s no signs of this beast slowing down.

Hot off the strong reception of their most recent EP, “Severe Loss”, NARROW MINDED searches deeper into the darker, more obscure side of punk and hardcore with their newest EP, “Dreams of Possession”, slated for a debut Blackhouse Release in early 2017. The outcome will be loud, unapologetic, and pummeling.

Stay tuned for updates, new music vids, tour dates, artwork, release and pre-order dates here soon! 2017 is going to be the best year yet at the BH, and we couldn’t be more excited to have these guys aboard!




Florida’s evil underground lives.  It feeds.  It rears its ugly head in places where people don’t want to be found.  While the palm trees, beaches, and tourists wander around blindly, the REAL beauty that exists; the art, the music, the locals, and the renaissance-like hip hop community that thrives are what truly matters.

Enter Broward County, Florida’s NOBODIES.

A project firmly rooted in the ideas of higher thinking, and comprised of two long-time friends, MTFR (Matt The Fuckin Rapper) and JAH, the two have been creating something truly powerful on many levels for many years.  Having met in high school, the two had been working separately on projects, with MTFR more on the lyricist end of things and JAH more seriously involved in the producing world.  After crossing paths and working together on a 6 song self-released EP (not to mention playing many shows together), it was clear that it was to spiral into what would become NOBODIES.  Their work ethic and standard of quality arguably sets this pair from almost any hip hop duo in the entire rap world, and it’s plain as day in every single track they drop.

They have traded the typical blatant shameless self-promoting route on pages like Facebook and Instagram (which we see all too often in music), to instead be prolific and release nothing but precedent-setting, groundbreaking new material.  Progressive and harder hitting than anything we have heard in years, NOBODIES, and their solo endeavors, have taken Soundcloud and YouTube by storm, releasing a myriad of amazing tracks and music videos (directed by the legendary FXRBES).  The production always stellar, the beats unbelievable, and the message always on point, NOBODIES have already reached notoriety as one of the most original projects to materialize in US hip hop today.

This addition to the Blackhouse Records lineup is unlike anything we have ever taken on in 15 years of operation.  In this partnership, the future will see not only an upcoming full length by NOBODIES, but also solo releases from MTFR and JAH separately.  We couldn’t be more elated to have these guys aboard and absolutely cannot wait to present to you what they have coming your way.

More developments coming your way this year, including pre-orders, videos, show dates, and more!  Until then, you can check out some of the sheer genius that is NOBODIES below:

Nobodies – Hermes Trismegistus (Music Video):






NOBODIES:  soundcloud.com/fucknobodies

JAH:  soundcloud.com/jahrahmf

MTFR:  soundcloud.com/mtfryourmom


NOBODIES:  @_Nobodies

MTFR:  @MTFRyourmom

JAH:  @jahrahmf


Onry Ozzborn


Onry Ozzborn was hatched in the Land Of Enchantment March 25th 2003 to a family of archers. After mastering the craft of bow, arrow, & crossbow he then set his sites on mothers harp growing an endearing fondness of rap music. The rest is history (& or his story). Mr. Ozzborn makes music as himself, with GRAYSKUL (Rhymesayers Ent), OLDOMINION, & DARK TIME SUNSHINE. He has toured with the likes of Atmosphere, Alabama, Aesop Rock, Anne Murray, Abstract Rude, Adam Ant, Astronautilus, ABA, & many many more groups that start with "A". The sound of his music has reached & ranges anywhere from Organized Konfusion to Micky Gilly. If you're into an acquired taste that has been dipped in the GOLDEN AGE of Hip Hop only to be baked in the oven of electroid gloss, & simmered thus tamed within the likes of alternative, dark, pop, murmur, bluegrass then you will fully enjoy what Onry Ozzborn has to offer you at any given time.

Quelle Chris


Every time a shooting makes the news talking heads pop up in small boxes and make loud arguments about how we shouldn’t rush to politicize what just happened. After all, the heads argue, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But how true is that? Are the tools we use simply tools, innocuous until we give them meaning? Or are the things we surround ourselves with –– the things in our arsenal –– begging to be weaponized, for good or for evil? Guns, the new album from the critically acclaimed rapper and producer Quelle Chris, is a careful study of all these questions, an urgent record for urgent times.

For More Information: