Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane is best known for his work as an emcee/frontman alongside Eyedea in Rhymesayer's free-rap-jazz collective, Face Candy (est. 2005). After establishing his roots as a freestyler, Krane branched off to release several solo albums supported via US tours with acts such as Eyedea & Abilities, Buck 65, Sage Francis and a European tour with rapper, Sadistik.  Krane has made several appearances at RSE's 'Soundset' (2009, 2010, 2011) and in December 2015, rocked a sold-out crowd at the legendary venue First Avenue during Doomtree's Last Blowout EVER. After ten-years-plus on the independent grind, he has successfully garnered a loyal international cult following that continues to grow. His catalog includes collaborations with luminaries such as Slug of Atmosphere, P.O.S, Illogic & Blockhead, Jean Grae, JT Bates (TGNP) and Michael Lewis (Bon Iver, Happy Apple), to name a few.