Awol One

Los Angeles California born, Rapper and Illustrator, Tony "Awol One" Martin is rumored to be over one thousand years old and every single one of those years can be heard within the cracks of his voice and lyrics.  One may call him a crude poet, a drunken rambler or a melodic voice for slackers but nobody can deny that he's maintained an uncompromising level of intelligence, honesty, melody, dark humor and originality.

Touring the planet as a solo act and a member of The Shape Shifters and The Cloaks, Awol has collaborated with Xzibit , B Real of Cypress Hill , Aesop Rock, KRS-One, Buck 65, Factor and Eyedea, as well as members of Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Sublime and 3OH!3 to name a few. He has opened shows for the likes of Eminem, Common, Atmosphere and EL-P , and also has music featured in a Nike commercial and movies.

In the early 2000's when journalists didn't quite know what to make of his strange alternative indie hip hop, Spin magazine tried to pin him down as one of the premiere voices of emo-rap, while Vice Magazine, URB and LA Weekly were singing the praises of his anthems.

The Shape Shifters were also winners of the L.A Weekly Award for best hip hop.

His 2001 collaboration with Daddy Kev, "Souldoubt", quickly became seen as a L.A. underground hip hop world wide classic and since,  Awolrus hasn't slowed down a bit, touring both national and international, also playing Sound Set, Rock The Bells, Warped Tour, Paid Dues, Smoke Out, Low End Theory, X Games and Rhymefest.

When Tony the Wolrus aka Awol 1, is not touring he is an artist at Brainheart Co. graphic design and illustration and is also the author of a kid's book and hip hop soundtrack titled The Mombie.